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Quantitative Packing Scale

Electronic Quantitative Packing Scale for 25kg sunflower seeds is suitable for the quantitative packing of granule, fodder, bean, grain, chemical material. Type: Single scale

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    The device can realize automatic quantification, weighing and packaging, The material is put into weighing box of machine from inlet, when the weight reaches preset amount, the inlet is closed. After the control system receives the signal that bag is prepared, the material is discharged from outlet into the bag. When all the material enters the bag,the control system opens pneumatic valve, transports the bag by the conveyor and brings it to the sewing machine for sewing, This machine can pack 450-500 bags of materials per hour, and it reduce the labor cost effectively and packing accuracy control.

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    1. Top hopper

    2. Scale 

    3. Sewing

    4. Outlet

    5. Electric cabinet

    6. Belt conveyor 

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    Product Features


    High efficiency

    High accuracy with high-precision control instrument

    Wide range of weighing

    Model Parameters



    Single scale

    Weighing range (kg)


    Weighing speed(bag/h)


    Scale interval (g)


    Power (kW)


    Air supply

    0.4-0.6 Mpa 1m/h




    Weighing scale: 380

    Conveyor: 220


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