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Yongming Machinery To Unveil Flagship Technologies At Siberian Field Day

2024-05-28 09:59:53
Recently, BAYANNAOER CITY YONGMING MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD proudly announces the launch of an impressive cumin color sorting production line, bringing new breakthroughs and opportunities to the cumin processing field.
The main process of cumin color selection: Cumin Cleaning Machine → De-stoner → Gravity Separator → De-duster → Color Sorter → Grading Screen → Packaging Machine


Cumin Cleaning Machine: The powerful processing capacity can effectively remove a large part of the impurities and foreign matter in raw cumin.
De-stoner: Separate most of the stones and other impurities from the cleaned cumin.
Gravity Separator: Accurately separate impurities such as stems mixed in cumin based on weight.
De-duster: Eliminates dust and fine particles, ensuring a cleaner and healthier product.
Color Sorter: Utilizes advanced optical technology to detect and remove impurities and bad cumin with unparalleled precision.
Grading Screen: Cumin seeds are divided into different grades according to size to ensure uniformity and consistency to meet different needs.
Packaging Machine: Automates the packaging process for enhanced efficiency and hygiene.
The cumin color sorting production line is designed to meet the stringent quality standards of the global food industry. It offers numerous benefits to cumin processors, including:
Enhanced Product Quality: The line removes impurities, foreign materials, and discolored seeds, resulting in a cleaner, safer, and more consistent product.
Improved Efficiency: The automated processes and advanced equipment streamline operations, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.
Increased Yield: By minimizing product loss during processing, the line helps maximize yield and profitability.
Flexibility: The line can be customized to meet the specific needs of different cumin processors.
YONGMING MACHINERY invites cumin processors and industry professionals to explore this revolutionary production line and discover the future of cumin processing.