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KTF5-3000 Sunflower Seeds Dehuller

KTF5-3000 Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine is our patented product with the exclusive proprietary rights and having 80% of market share in China. The device has the characteristics of low energy consumption, compact structure, small occupied space, low loss of seed kernel, simple operation and maintenance, good separation effect of kernels and the like.

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    The KTF5-3000 Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine is our patented product and having 80% of market share in China. Highest perfect kernel rate and maximum yield capacity of sunflower seeds are ensured by systematic shelling procedures,non-crushing transportation, and efficient separating sieves assembly, The production begins with raw materials being fed in the efficient and then shelled materials, the mixture consisting of kernels, husks and unshelled product is discharged to suspended separator, At this stage, a cyclone sucks and then removes hulls and dust, followed by total separation of hulled kernels and unhulled seeds with vibrating screens, The unshelled seeds will be returned to dehullers. After passing through all of the stages, the finished product is ready and is deposited in the hopper. This product adopts bucket elevator to transport raw materials, which can avoid blockages effectively, Return processing system of non-crushing hoist greatly reduces damages, Furthermore, the overall system of equipment is intelligentized with PLC electronically control system which is more efficient and convenient for regulation.


    1.Bucket elevator(For returning materials. Bucket size, width: 50cm )

    2.Bucket elevator(For raw materials. Bucket size, width: 25cm)

    3.Raw materials distributor


    5.Returned materials distributor

    6.Cyclone.of shells


    8.Primary separating screen

    9.Elevator of vice-materials

    10.Secondary separating screen

    11.Primary refining screen

    12.Secondary refining screener



    Raw materials


    unshelled seeds

    broken kernels

    broken kernels

    Product Features

    175 Model Grain De-Stoner (2)7wp

    High production

    High perfect kernel rate Applicable to all sorts of defective materials

    High degree of automation

    Cycle operation

    Model Parameters

    Perfect kernel rate*Half of whole kernel belong to broken kernel >96% The content of kernel &seed in the shell <0.3%
    Input(kg/h) Black&oil sunflower seeds 1500~2500 Output(kg/h) Black&oil sunflower seeds 1000-1750
    Sunflower seeds 1200~2000 Sunflower seeds 500~1000
    Seed humidity Black&oil sunflower seeds ≤9% Sheller 4 sets
    Sunflower seeds ≤12% The content of shell in the kernel <3%
    I Separating screen(L*W)/m 1.6*2.0   Weight(t) 4.8
    I Separating screen(L*W)/m 1.6*2.4   Dimension(L* W*H)/m 7*3.2*5.7
    I Refining screen(L* W)/m 1.5*2.4   Power(kW) 32.3
    I Refining screen(L*W)/m 1.5*2.0   Voltage(v) 380


    Product case


    Product detail

    KTF (1)th7
    KTF (2)1hb
    KTF (3)35b

    Why Choose Us

    1. High quality: Using high quality material and establishing a strict quality control system, assigning specific persons in charge of each process of production, from raw material purchase to pack.

    2. About price: The price is negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity or package. 

    3. New virgin material used for each product.

    4. What services can we provide?

    Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CIF,EXW;

    Accepted Payment Currency: USD, CNY;

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    Language Spoken: English, Chinese

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