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Grain Impurity Screen

The Grain Impurity Screen is used for cleaning different size of the impurities in the materials, such as seeds, wheat, nuts, corn, etc. Raw materials after fed into machine by elevator, light impurities and dust were sucked out through double direction of gravity catcher.

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    The grain impurity screen is used to clean different sizes of light impurities of materials, such as seeds, wheat, nuts, com, etc. Raw m aterials are fed into machine by elevator, light impurities and dust were sucked out through double direction of dust catcher, the left materials enter into vibration sereen, There are two layers of sieves and the first layer can separate coarse impurities (large pieces of wood, strings and straw) bigger than the grain, while the second layer car separate fine impurities (sand and broken grain) smaller than the grain. The sieves has vibration mechanism to ensure better cleaning process by adjustable angle of engine, and rubber balls inside for the self-cleaning, This product is widely used in agricultural product processing industry of various materials, and it has become the preferred choice for a grain cleaning machine, it can be applied to the assembly line to achieve the automatic work with cyclone dust removal or pulse-jet bag filter dust collector to protect working environment.

    Grainimpurityscreen (5)f18

    1. Screen body

    2. 0utlet of finished products

    3. Vibrating sieve locker

    4. Rubber shock absorber

    5. Frame

    6. Vibration part

    7. Air screen inlet 

    8. Air screen dust outlet

    9. Air screen outlet

    Grainimpurityscreen (6)ciq

    Product Features

    Grainimpurityscreen (2)hoe

    High production

    Highly efficient grain cleaning

    Occupied small area

    Easy to adjust

    Applicable to grading various materials

    Minimal maintenance requirements thanks to optimized design

    Flexible application possibilities via optional outlet aspirators

    Model Parameters

    Model Dimension(L* W*H)/m Sieve size(L*W)/m Layer amount Capacity(kg/h)*For sunflower seeds Weight(t) Power(kW) Voltage(V)
    YFS-126 5.68*1.42*2.70 4.00*1.25 3 1500~3000 1.1 1.5 380
    YFS-150 5.68*1.63*2.70 4.00*1.50 3 2000~4000 1.3 1.5 380
    YFS-350 4.48*1.16*2.70 3.00*1.00 1 1200~2500 0.9 1.1 380

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