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175 Model Grain De-Stoner

175 Model Grain Destoner has a greatly higher capacity basic on the model of 125 Grain Destoner. Destoner machine is to separate stones, and clods by adjusting wind pressure, amplitude, and other parameters and iron, dirt, glass, and other heavy materials from crops.

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    175 Model grain de-stoner is upgraded from the 12s model grain de-stoner, This promotion incorporates a high-tech differential pressure gauge, which controls the air volume and the pressure in the screen body more accurately, so that the selection effect is better,and the output is bigger. The equipment can produce about 5,000 kilograms per hour, By adjusting the inclination of the screen body and the air volume, it can realize the stone removal and screening of seeds, kernels, beans and other materials. It has the advantages of high output, good stone removal clarity, and little environmental pollution to the factory area. The material enters the negative pressure screen body from the feeding port, and the material with different specific gravity is screened out by the combined action of the inclined vibrating fish scale screen and the wind force, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the material from the heavier impurities, The impurity and stone removal process can effectively remove heavy impurities such as stones, clods, glass and metal mixed into crops, effectively prolong the service life of downstream equipment in assembly line operations, and greatly reduce the failure rate of downstream equipment. This equipment is an indispensable process to ensure the cleanliness of materials.


    1. Materials inlet

    2. Stone outlet

    3. Screen body

    4. Drive shaft

    5. Adjustive screw

    6. Wind box

    7. Regulator of air volume

    8. The differential pressure gauge

    9. Connector

    10. Observation hole

    11. Finished product outlet

    12. Vibration motor





    Product Features

    175 Model Grain De-Stoner (2)7wp

    Outstanding efficiency in stone removal

    High capacity

    Smooth operation Wide range of application

    Effective control of air matched with leeway table

    Model Parameters

    Capacity (kg/h)*For sunflower seeds 4500~6000 Stone separating rate > 97%
    Dimension(L* W* H)/m 1.6*2.0*2.1 Air volume (m' /h ) 5712~13200
    Vibration frequency(r/min) 960 Sieve amplitude(mm) 5
    Adjustable sieve range(°) 15 Weight(t) 0.95
    Power(kW) 1.1 Voltage(V) 380


    Product Features


    Outstanding Efficiency In Stone Removal

    There is a fish-scale mesh screen for good materials and heavy impurities separating effectively.


    Adjustable Control

    It is easy to control by an adjustable screw for different processing situations.


    Long Use Life

    It uses used vibration principle for long-service lifekeeping.

    Product case

    175 model grain de-stoner (5)rgb
    175 model grain de-stoner (4)7qn
    175 model grain de-stoner (3)23p
    175 model grain de-stoner (2)c7i
    175 model grain de-stoner (8)64e
    175 model grain de-stoner (7)o83

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